Our Writer’s Workshop is for aspiring and current singers, songwriters and performers. This weekend workshop meets 1.5 hours per week for 4 consecutive weeks. Each group is limited to 12 students. The day and time will be customized to fit the group. Each workshop is curated a by an accomplished industry professional. Check out this cool video. Hopefully you find it inspiring and entertaining. Poo Bear is not one of the instructors.

Learning topics include:

  • Improve your talent as a singer, songwriter, performer
  • How to improve your performance and stage presence
  • How to make sure your business in handled correctly
  • How to handle your own digital distribution and marketing
  • How to build your brand and fanbase using various marketing tools
  • How to expand to be successful in multiple facets of the music industry

Instructor: Guest InstructorsSkill Level: Various LevelsType: Group ClassLanguage: English


Starts: Summer 2019
Time: Weekends Only
Length: 4 weeks
Hour(s): 1.5 hours per class
Limit: 12 students per group